Approximately 7 million people
are covered for private healthcare
in the United Kingdom – 2019

Private Medical Insurance

We strive to deliver creative and successful solutions to Business and Personal clients. J Osborne Healthcare believe in selecting insurers who demonstrate excellent:

  • Service Standards
  • Product Flexibility
  • Reputation
  • Stability

We do not charge a fee for our services, therefore call J Osborne Healthcare now for a informative consultation about your healthcare needs.

Business Medical Insurance

Corporate desire for flexible health, protection and wellbeing solutions, including an increasing range of employee support services, across employers of all shapes and sizes continues to underpin the market strength.

Company healthcare these days is an increasingly complex affair and co-ordinating all of these areas into a coherent and effective healthcare strategy for both employer and employee, whilst at the same time delivering value for money is a difficult task for any company.

Reasons why Companies Purchase Private Medical Insurance

  • To help recruit and retain the best people
  • Quicker return to work
  • Improve productivity through reduced absence
  • Investment in their staff
  • Concerned about employee wellbeing, to be seen to be a caring employer
  • Improve companies general benefits package
  • Seen as a major staff benefit
  • To improve motivation and loyalty

J Osborne Healthcare believe in working in partnership with clients to provide a pro-active and informative consultancy service to meet their short, medium and long term objectives.

Personal Medical Insurance

When you, or a member of your family, becomes ill you want to take immediate action to get treatment. The NHS has an excellent accident and emergency service but it is common knowledge that it is stretched on more routine treatment.

Long waits for treatment are painful at the best of times but can also, more importantly, cause the injury to get worse. You are not the only one suffering as it effects the people closest to you as well.

Below are the main reasons why you need Private Medical Insurance.

  • Speed of treatment – you will no longer have to wait months for a specialist appointment and even longer for a bed or treatment. In most cases you are referred to see a consultant within days.
  • Peace of mind – should illness strike, you have the peace of mind that you and your family can receive access to high quality care and advice.
  • Convenience – you, the client, can plan your consultation or operation for a time of your convenience.
  • Choice – you have a choice of specialists and hospitals.
  • Private hospital room – in most situations you will have the privacy of your own room complete with television and other home comforts with no visiting restrictions.
  • Excellent and clean facilities – you will have the peace of mind that the hospitals are quality checked and have exceptionally low records of hospital acquired infections.

Let J Osborne Healthcare find the right policy to suit you.

New to PMI?

If you purchase private medical insurance it provides peace of mind in the knowledge that medical treatment can be obtained promptly.

Private Medical Insurance provides cover for medical expenses incurred when someone is diagnosed with an acute illness or injury. Depending on your policy benefits cover can include operations, consultations, diagnostic tests, therapies, oncology treatment, biological therapies, MRI/CT scans and post op treatment.

Whether it is a top level of cover, just the essentials, rapid diagnosis or a cost effective employee benefit that you require – by discussing with J.Osborne Healthcare we can help find a policy that suits your requirements and your budget.

  • Are you worried about NHS waiting times?
  • Do you want rapid access to medical treatment?
  • Do you want treatment with excellent and clean facilities with low records of people contracting superbugs?
  • Do you want to see a consultant within days?
  • Do you want Peace of mind?

Already have PMI

As a specialist intermediary our services are free to you as we receive commission directly from your insurer. We are a family business and have over 50 years of experience managing Private Healthcare schemes, with 27 years working for the market leader.

Key benefits of allowing us to review your scheme for you are:

  • We check that you are paying the correct subscriptions for the level of benefits you are on – and where possible aim to negotiate a discount on your behalf
  • We will check your scheme set-up to ensure that your benefits are appropriate to you (i.e. correct hospital lists, additional benefits)
  • We will check that your scheme is still set-up in the most cost effective way regarding member profiling
  • We will complete a market review with the main insurers in the market

If you are happy for us to review your policy, please download the Customer Authorisation form, all you need to do is complete the necessary information on part 1 and part 3, confirming that you are only allowing us to review. Please also copy and print the Letter of Authority onto letter headed paper (if a company policy), sign and return either by email, fax or post.

Please be reassured by signing the letter of authority, you are only allowing us to speak to your insurer at this point about your scheme.

We look forward to presenting you with some positive options and feedback.

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