The two most common cancers
claimed for under PMI are breast
and prostate, accounting for 44%
of all cancer claims.

Cash Plans

Health cash plans are different from private medical insurance in that they are designed to offset the cost of regular health care bills. Cash Plan’s provides help towards the cost of everyday health care expenses such visits to the dentist, optical bills, specialist consultations, physiotherapy, hospital treatment, home help, specialist care and many other common healthcare needs.

Typical advantages of a cash plan

  • No medical required before joining a plan
  • Can be used towards the cost of dental and optical treatment plus many other treatments
  • Children are usually included free of charge
  • They are inexpensive
  • Can be tailor made to each persons needs

From a company perspective, Cash Plan’s are perceived as a highly valued employee benefit whilst being a low  cost solution for healthcare cover.

A cash plan can help companies in reducing their absenteeism and can help improve staff retention. Employee’s can see the benefits of their cash plan through their regular healthcare needs, this helps to create a sense of worth with their employer.

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